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Unique Ideas for Corner Kitchen Cabinets

When maximizing storage space in a corner kitchen cabinet, consider alternating shelves. It will be easier to locate items if you have items on opposite shelves. Another way to save space is to hang pots and pans. In addition to hanging pots, you can layer lids on the bottom bracket of the cabinet. You can also place the pots and pans on the bottom shelf and save more space by storing them in the hanging racks.

Angled Corner Drawers

If you need closed-door storage in your kitchen, an angled corner cabinet is better than a blind wall cabinet. Its revolving shelves and angle make it the perfect place for dish storage. It also provides the ideal workspace for your appliance garage. In addition, angled corner drawers on the corner kitchen cabinet can be mounted in the corners to accommodate an entire basic table setting for six people. You can even install a sink cabinet in an angled corner.

Blind Pull-Outs

For a modern look, consider a blind corner pull-out shelf. These shelves resemble a half moon and bend back into a corner’s dead space. They’re also easy to open and close with the help of front-mounted handles. Blind pull-outs are available from significant cabinet manufacturers, such as Rev-a-Shelf.

Lazy Susans

Putting lazy susans on a corner kitchen cabinet will allow you to maximize the storage in your kitchen counter space. Various styles of lazy susans are available, ranging from the traditional full circle to more unusual designs. For example, the full process lazy susan is ideal for corner cabinets with 45-degree doors. On the other hand, you can choose a kidney-shaped lazy susan shaped like a kidney, which features a triangular cutout. A kidney-shaped lazy susan works best with an L-shaped corner cabinet.

Circular Cabinet

When it comes to your kitchen, maximizing space is the goal. Consider installing a corner kitchen cabinet with more than one drawer to maximize your space. Three drawers, for example, can provide you with plenty of storage space. You can even stack two or three drawers for an extra-fancy look. Additionally, drawers with adjustable lengths can make your items more organized. Here are some unique ideas for corner kitchen cabinets.

Double Doors

A kitchen cabinet with double doors can add both display and storage space. If you have a lot of counter space, consider a diagonal cabinet. You can add decorative shelves or use the corner as a hanging rack by converting one of its sides into a hook board. One very clever use for this space is a garage door. It uses horizontal space as well as vertical ones to create storage space.

Double Shelves

One of the best corner cabinet storage ideas is to create two doors with accordion openings. A double door allows easy access to both the upper and lower shelves, which is a good feature if you have many infrequently used items to store. However, these doors can be challenging to access. Besides, they can be expensive if you don’t have the space to devote to additional storage.

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Adding floor-to-ceiling storage to your corner kitchen cabinet is an excellent way to maximize its storage capacity. The lower portion of your corner cabinet is usually wasted depth. Use this space to store larger items or a pull-out trash drawer. Corner cabinets with pull-out trash drawers can bump into the adjacent drawers.

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