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What Stones Can Really Make a Kitchen Pop!

Ready to tackle a kitchen renovation project? Or perhaps you’re designing your dream home and are faced with some important kitchen design decisions. Regardless, choosing the right materials for your kitchen is a must. Natural stone has been a longstanding choice in kitchen design because of its beauty, elegance, and long-lasting durability. Its versatility makes it possible to use stone for countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and other applications.

Planning to incorporate stone into your kitchen design? There are a few popular options to consider that can really make your kitchen pop!

Popular Kitchen Stones to Consider

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of every stone you can incorporate into your kitchen design, these are a handful of the most popular options among homeowners today. Take some time to familiarize yourself with each stone type, as well as some of its unique benefits and potential applications.


Granite has been one of the most popular stone options in kitchen design for many years now. While we most often see granite used as a countertop material, granite slabs can also create a beautiful backsplash. Granite can also be used to achieve the trendy “waterfall” countertop, which involves running a granite slab from a kitchen countertop and down the side of an island or peninsula for a truly unique look.

One of the biggest appeals of granite from a design standpoint is that no two slabs are exactly alike; this makes it a popular choice for homeowners who want a stone that will truly make for a one-of-a-kind kitchen design. Whether you’re looking for something “busy” with lots of veining or something a little more subdued, you can be sure to find a granite slab that suits your tastes.

Meanwhile, granite is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance aside from occasional re-sealing.

Engineered Quartz

While not a completely natural stone, engineered quartz has become increasingly popular for use in kitchen design — and for many reasons.  Homeowners are able to get engineered quartz in a variety of unique colors and textures.  In particular, there are many engineered quartz options that resemble the look and feel of natural marble with less maintenance and daily upkeep.  

Traditionally engineered quartz is extremely durable and it often does not need to be sealed. Meanwhile, it is stain-resistant, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant. This makes it a great choice as a kitchen countertop option.


For those looking to achieve a truly elegant look in their kitchen space, marble is one stone option you won’t want to overlook. By its very nature, marble offers beautiful veining that can add luxury to any kitchen space. It can be used as a standalone countertop material or (for those who are looking to incorporate marble on a budget) as an “accent” countertop for a kitchen island or peninsula.

Marble is also versatile enough to be used for kitchen backsplashes or even flooring, depending on the specific look and feel you’re going for. And while it does require a bit more care than other types of stone due to its ability to stain, regular sealing can keep it looking great for many years to come.

Natural Quartzite

Natural quartzite is the perfect alternative if you want marble countertops but don’t have the budget or desire to care and maintain them. Sometimes, they’re even confused with one another because of how similar their qualities are. However, one area where they differ is their hardness, making this a great way to tell the difference between them. For example, natural quartzite is more resistant to acidity and isn’t as prone to scratching as marble. Therefore, if you want countertops that look like marble but with superior strength and durability, natural quartzite is an excellent choice.

What to Look for in Your Kitchen Stone

These are just a few of the most popular kitchen stones to consider for your design. As you explore your options, there are a couple of things to consider that may help you decide which stone is right for you.


Want to achieve an elegant and luxurious design in your kitchen? Marble may be your best bet. Meanwhile, engineered quartz can be a great choice if you want a stone slab that offers more durability. Looking for something classic and one-of-a-kind? You can’t go wrong with granite.


Your budget may also affect the stone choice that is right for you. Generally, marble and natural quartzite tend to be some of the more expensive stone options on the market. Granite and engineered quartz, however, have a variety of price options ranging from economical to higher-end, depending on your budget.


How much maintenance are you willing to put into your kitchen stone? If you want a stone option with a honed or concrete finish (for example, engineered stone), it will require a sealant for optimum performance. Meanwhile, stones like natural quartzite and granite are the most durable and require the least maintenance and care.

Transform Your Kitchen Space With the Right Stone

The right stone choices in your kitchen can really make your space pop! Take some time to consider these options for your own kitchen design. From there, all that’s left to do is to find a reputable stone supplier in your area to help you choose and fabricate your materials.

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