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Tips For Landscaping Design

Whether you have purchased a new home or want to upgrade the landscaping in an existing home, you may feel overwhelmed by the options and work required to create an appealing landscape.

Identify Your Desires

You don’t start your landscaping project by searching for providers, such as “waterfall installation Orange County.” Walk around your yard and picture yourself in your landscape. How does it look?

Then, write down your desires. Identify all the features you want in your landscape. For example, do you want a pool, waterfall, deck or patios, fencing or outdoor structures, such as a pergola? You should also determine how close to your home you want each feature.

The types of plants you want should also be identified. For example, do you want pine trees to block the wind or road noise, and do you want deciduous trees that block the sun in the summer and allow sun into your home in the winter?

Evaluate Your Land

Your soil provides your plants the nutrients they need to live and thrive. Therefore, you need to evaluate your soil. Your local conservation office may help you with your evaluation. Amend the soil and add nutrients, such as mulch if necessary, and aerate your soil before planting to improve water flow and retention. Evaluate your landscape’s topography and reduce steep slopes to prevent runoff and erosion.

Develop a Plan

Sketch the yard of your dreams, keeping in mind your desires and land evaluation. Consider the locations of each feature. You may seek professional help to determine how close each feature can or should be to your structures. Pay attention to how your outdoor spaces flow and link together.

Start with one thing at a time. For example, you may build your structures first. Then, consider your landscaping plants or décor.


Keep up with your landscaping maintenance. Be sure to weed regularly and raise your lawnmower blade to improve the root system in your grass. Use fertilizer sparingly.

If you are unfamiliar with building or installing landscaping features, such as pergolas, fencing or waterfalls, consider hiring a professional to help you.


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