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What are the Top Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation in a House?

Getting a sound sleep at night after a busy day at work is necessary for everyone to conserve and restore energy. However, you can’t do so if your bedroom is infested with bed bugs. Forget about sleeping; you can’t even sit and relax on your bed and sofa if there’s an infestation of bed bugs in your home. These tiny brownish organisms feed on animals and humans’ blood.

If you fail to detect the presence of bed bugs in your bedroom and other rooms earlier, know that you will have to experience an unimaginably stressful time. Most homeowners hire professional exterminators at Pointe Pest Control company to eliminate harmful bedbugs. An infestation of bed bugs in your home can negatively affect the health of every family member.

Hence, investing in bed bug control services at regular intervals is a must. Also, you should inspect your home whenever you get spare time to spot the signs of bed bugs. Doing so will help you keep the risk of bed bugs infestation at bay and protect your entire family’s health.

Here are some typical signs of bed bug infestation to look out for in your residence.

Bed Bugs Shed Skins

You do not even need confirmation from a pest control expert if you come across shed skins or shell casings of bed bugs in your house. One of the initial signs of an infestation of bed bugs in a bedroom or living room is their abandoned husks.

You will find these shed skins wherever these nuisances hatch and reproduce. Ensure you check every narrow opening and hole within your wooden furniture besides upholstered furniture and mattress seams.

Fecal Spotting

One of the hard to detect signs of bed bugs infestation in a house is fecal spotting or fecal marks. These dark black (sometimes brown) small fecal spots appear similar to an ink dot from a pen’s tip. Bed bugs live on humans’ blood, which is why fecal marks coming from their droppings have such colors.

Fecal spotting is usually more in areas where bed bugs harbor in your house. Keep looking for fecal spots on bed sheets, mattresses, walls, pillow covers, curtains, etc.

Unpleasant Smell

When there’s an infestation of bed bugs, you will get a strong, musty and unusual smell most of the time all over your house. Whenever these miniscule insects feel threatened or intimidated, they release foul-smelling pheromones.

The combination of the odor of perished dead bugs and the unpleasant smell of emitted pheromones could get on to your nerves. The odor will get worse with the increase in bed bugs’ population in your house. So, if you continuously get any such smell for days, know that your home is infested with bed bugs.

Summing Up

Apart from the aforementioned signs, you should also look for bed bug eggs and bloodstains. And, if you suddenly find lots of small, itchy and red bumps all over your hands, arms and legs after waking up in the morning constantly for a few days, be sure that there’s bed bug infestation in your home. To get rid of annoying bed bugs and live peacefully, contact a reputed pest control company without any delay.

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