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Should You Install a Concrete or Fiberglass Pool?

Today the most common pools inground pools are fiberglass or concrete. Fiberglass pools are a relatively new method for installing pools, with concrete being the traditional method.

If you are considering an inground pool installation, you need to know the pros and cons of both types. This article provides a quick overview of Missouri fiberglass shell pools and concrete pools. See below to learn more.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

The initial installation costs of fiberglass and concrete pools are not significantly different. However, maintenance costs for concrete are much higher than the comparatively easy-to-maintain fiberglass variety. Concrete pools are harder to clean and must be acid washed every three to five years.

Customization and Sizes

Fiberglass pools only come in specific shapes and sizes because they are pre-molded. Their customization is limited to the features you install around them. Concrete pools, on the other hand, can be poured into any shape and size you want. If you want an Olympic-sized swimming pool, concrete is probably your best option.

Interior Finish

The interior finish of concrete pools can be made of plaster, tile or exposed aggregate. Of the three, tile is the smoothest but most expensive. The other two options can be rough on your feet. Fiberglass pools are smooth and comfortable to step on for long periods.

Construction Time

Concrete pools take up to six months to install. Since fiberglass pools are manufactured before the installation process, the entire installation only takes around five weeks. Not only that, but you can start swimming in as soon as two days after the pool is delivered. Most of the construction time is spent on things like the patio and deck.

Choosing a fiberglass or concrete pool depends on your budget and requirements. Fiberglass pools tend to be cheaper and quicker to install. However, concrete pools give you more options to customize the size and shape.

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