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4 Signs You Need a New Roof

A new roof is one of the more expensive home improvement projects you could face. In order to ensure you aren’t surprised by a sudden failure or leak, keep your eyes open for these four signs of roof trouble.

  1. Your Roof Is More Than 20 Years Old

Modern roofing material has a set life expectancy, which is generally around 20 years. That doesn’t mean catastrophic failure is imminent, just that it might be time to start scheduling annual roof inspections. You can check for a lot of common issues yourself, most without even getting up on a ladder.

  1. Shingles Are Lifting or Peeling

One of the most common signs that a roof needs attention is lifting or peeling shingles. The repeated abuse of sunlight, rain, wind, and general wear causes shingles to weaken. Over time, they can begin to loosen or lift around the edges. If you see this happening, contact a professional who is knowledgeable about residential roofing St Louis to inspect and analyze the situation. In some cases, repairs may allow you to get a few more years out of your existing roof.

  1. There Is Moss Buildup on the Surface

Even if you like the appearance of moss, it has no place on your roof. Take steps to have it removed and then have the entire roof inspected inside and out. The roots on moss can get under shingles and expose sheathing to water and organic material, which leads to rot and, potentially, mold.

  1. The Roofline Is Uneven or Warped

Rotten sheathing and trusses will result in a dipped or wavy roofline. This is a sign of serious trouble that will almost always require a new roof installation. Contact a professional contractor if you notice your roofline is no longer straight to determine the best next steps to take.

Knowing some common signs of roof damage can help you avoid serious trouble and leaks. Moss buildup, lifting shingles, and a wavy roofline are all problematic. Even if it looks solid, you should have an older roof inspected annually to ensure it is still functional.

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