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3 Ways to Prepare for Weather Emergencies

If the temperatures drop or rainstorms are coming your way, you may encounter issues with staying warm and safe while inside your house or out on the road. Learning about how to avoid health issues can help you stay safe during extreme weather.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Car

When your car begins to show signs of breaking down, the last time you want it to stop working is during a storm. Before you head out, make sure to check your tires for any tread damage or possible tears. You should also have booster cables and a tire pump in your car somewhere so that you can fix possible mechanical issues.

Getting stuck in the cold means you may need extra supplies in your car to prevent health issues. It may benefit you to store blankets and extra coats or hats in your trunk.

  1. Fix Up Your House

Your walls and rooms should always insulate you enough so that you do not feel cold while in your house. Making sure that your heater and chimney are properly ventilated and cleaned can help during any season.

Looking for places that do water heater repair Pleasanton CA can help you if you notice damage or signs of leaks. Having an alternative way of heating, such as a space heater, is important for emergency situations.

  1. Keep an Emergency Bag

In order to prepare for the power possibly going out, you should acquire necessary emergency supplies, like first aid kits or extra batteries for radios. Storing extra cans of dried food that are made to last a long time in your pantry also can help you if you need quick meals and you have no way to heat up anything.

Thick comforters and additional layers of clothing for every person living with you should be easily accessible if you need to grab them. Preparing for extreme weather can help you in scary situations.

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