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A Special Place for Women to Call Their Own

For some time now there has been a lot of talk about man caves, a space in the home for men to hangout and setup to their liking without any woman’s influence. Now the time has come for man caves to take a back seat because women are getting their own special spots. These spots are called she sheds.

What Is This Special Place?

The she shed is a tranquil place for women to call their own. It can be set up in the backyard by repurposing an old tool shed or buying a kit to build a new one. The great thing about the shed is that women can decorate exactly how they want and what fits their personality best. With a woman being able to hideaway from the daily grind, it can help her to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

How to Get Started

First, cleaning out the backyard and old shed will help to create an “empty canvas.” This is to see what type of design would be best for the space. If a kit is being purchased, measurements should be taken to make sure the right size shed is built for the designated area.

Next, is choosing the paint colors. A fresh coat of paint can bring the old shed to life or make the new one to stand out. It can help to move the process along by choosing paint colors that go with the chosen design, this way the colors don’t need to be changed mid-project. Another idea could be to paint a neutral color on the outside, while painting different and fun colors on the inside.

How to Choose A Design

Choosing a shed design is solely based on personal preference and what the space will be used for. One woman may choose to make it a crafting area, while another may use it to drink tea and read books. No matter what design is chosen, the main idea is comfort. Each woman should decide what will make her feel relaxed.

From the set-up, to the chairs, the wall art, and right down to the rug that can be placed for a cozy vibe, it should feel calm and easygoing. Not every item that is chosen has to be brand new, that is what makes this project so fun. It can be a great opportunity to DIY some decor, refurbish things from around the house, or find items at antique shops and flea markets. With endless possibilities, the idea is to create a space that is individually unique.

Being in Nature

The outdoors creates a serene atmosphere because it is filled with nature. A secluded area with garden boxes and trees in the backyard can add a fresh but cozy look. While plants can be used to decorate inside to bring color and vitality. A place for a woman to call her own can be just what she needs to freely create, dream, unwind, and be herself.

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