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How Best to Pack and Prepare Your Items for Self Storage

Self storage presents a lot of advantages for everyone, especially if you are in the midst of preparing for a move and are not quite sure where to store items which are seasonal (such as winter clothing), sports equipment, fishing equipment, school supplies, old but valuable furniture, and so on. But preparing and packing your stuff for self storage can be considered an art form – there’s a particular way to do it so your belongings will stay organised and will be easier to find when the time comes. You also need to pack and prepare your items in such a way that they will maintain their integrity and not become damaged. So, are you wondering how best to pack and prepare your items for self storage? Here’s your guide.

Be organised

It pays to be thorough and organised when preparing items for self storage. For example, before you put items in a box, you should make a list of your items and place the items on that list in their corresponding box. You should also create labels for every box, and these labels should be stuck onto the box’s sides and top. If the box contains fragile or breakable items, make sure this is clearly stated on the box as well.

Stick to two

It’s also best to just use two box sizes for your self storage items, as confirmed by Advanced Removals & Storage, an experienced storage and removal company in Gloucester. By doing this, it will be easier for you to stack the boxes and keep them organised in your storage unit. Also, the boxes you choose should be durable enough to withstand heavy weight, especially for boxes which will be placed at the bottom.

Maximise space

When packing your boxes, you should learn how to maximise space. Fill up the box, but make sure that the items inside the box are varied – some can be heavy, whilst some can be light. Avoid filling a box with items that are all heavy, such as books, as this may make it more difficult to carry the box. One more tip when it comes to packing books: it’s best to pack books in smaller sized boxes and place the books flat in the box instead of letting the books stand on their spines; they will last longer this way. Additionally, your best bet would be to fill up the box’s bottom with heavy objects and then fill the remaining space with lightweight items.

Stay away from plastic bags

One other rule of thumb when storing items is to not use plastic bags. If you put your items in plastic bags and then seal the bags, it may result in the buildup of mildew and mould. If you can, use canvas or cloth bags instead.

Keep it dry

If you are planning to store big appliances such as refrigerators and freezers, make sure to leave them with their doors minutely open. Any electrical appliance should also be thoroughly dry before storage; refrigerators and freezers should be completely defrosted and washing machines should be drained.

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