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Factors To Consider When Choosing Interior Door Hardware in Toronto

You and every guest you have over in your home will notice the interior door hardware you have (especially if the options you chose do not fit the style of your house or do not function as well as they should). Being keen on the door hardware you choose for your doors will enhance the overall design and look of your house for years. To help you choose the best door hardware for your home, below are some tips to guide you through the process.

Consider function and style

Have you hung your door on standard residential door hinges in Toronto, or is it just a swinging heavy door on a pivot? In the recent past, interior pocket doors running on tracks and disappearing into walls have grown in popularity for closets and bathrooms – you probably made this your preferred choice. In any case, whichever style you chose, make sure to choose door hardware that complements the style without interfering with the overall function of your door.

Do You Need a Lock?

Also common and readily available are some interior hardware fixtures designed to work with flathead keys (universal) which are inserted in the opening outside of your door to open the locks. If you have a home office or a room you need to have extra security, you will benefit from this hardware with functional keyed locks.

What trims are appealing?

Indoor door hardware like door knobs varies from simple fixtures to complicate and highly functional hardware, complimented with inlaid patterns designed to catch your attention at first glance. You can choose between straight handles and round door knobs, whichever you prefer. However, handles tend to be best for use with young children and the elderly who experience some difficulty in grasping the smooth door knobs.

Choose a finish that blends with the house design

You might come across some interior door hardware that has antique finishes and that looks great in the showroom. However, when installed in your home, they are out of place with the colour, general design and lighting fixtures you have going on. You should always be careful when making a choice. Never do so in a hurry. Consider other elements of your design, lest you risk the hardware addition sticking out like a sore thumb and ruining the entire design as you imagined it.

Keep things simple

For rooms including closets, laundry rooms and pantries, there is no need to have intricate and highly functional door hardware. For these rooms, simple will work best. Consider having simple pull and spring closure mechanisms. If there isn’t any real reason why you would need a door locked at all times then simple is the best route to take.

When building their homes, most homeowners never pay attention to the door hardware. The residential door hinges in Toronto often go unnoticed. You cannot afford to be part of those who make this grave mistake. You have worked all too hard to end up with mediocre interior design simply because you neglected the interior door hardware. With the above tips, however, you have a great starting point.


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