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What Window Features Should You Look for When Purchasing a New Home?

What Window Features Should You Look for When Purchasing a New Home

New buyers who are house-hunting have a lot of questions and important factors to consider before closing the sale on a new house. But with the myriad of things to inspect and ponder, the windows are all too often neglected.

That can be a big mistake as the windows in your home could end up costing you a substantial amount of money for a variety of reasons. A lack of energy efficiency, for one, may have you spending even more on heating and cooling bills while you’re living there. There are also safety concerns to think about, if your windows are easy to open from the outside, you may be inviting trouble.

Older windows can present a whole list of issues that you will need to address; otherwise you could have higher repair bills for things like water damage, particularly if you live in an area where there is a lot of precipitation.

So when you’re in the market to buy a new home, give the windows a good long look to decide if they are in good shape and offer useful features for keeping you and your family safe, warm, dry, and secure.

Lower Energy Costs

Windows can be a point of ingress and egress in the home. That includes your climate controlled air. When windows are lacking in efficiency that means they are allowing your heated and cooled air to slip out even if the window is shut.

The reason that can happen is because windows can warp, shift, and adjust over time and this could cause gaps to appear. That’s where your costly air is going and it can take longer to make your room comfortable resulting in the need to run your HVAC system over time. That’s going to increase your electric and heating bills, exponentially.

Before you buy, have an analysis done on the windows in the home. See how much warping has taken place and decide if these are easy repairs to make or if the windows need to be replaced. If the latter is necessary, you may very well end up lowering your energy costs by nearly 18%

Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet Rays

The sun’s harmful rays can do damage to more than just your skin if you’re outside too long, they can wreak havoc on your home as well. Check to see if your home’s windows can reduce the intensity of those UV rays when they creep in.

Keeping those to a minimum will be good for protecting the interior of your home from sun bleaching. This goes for your furniture, carpets, valuables, and so on. Too much exposure to the sun can lead to fading of whatever is in the sun’s path.


The material used in the manufacturing of the window itself is also an important thing to consider because certain types of windows can break down quicker than others and you could be left with repair and/or replacement bills shortly after you move in.

When you’re checking out the home’s windows take a long look at how they were made. Many windows you’ll find on older properties will be made of wood. This is going to mean you’ll need to perform routine maintenance for as long as you own the home, so you don’t experience the peeling and breakdown that wood is prone to demonstrate.

Maintenance of those symptoms will include sanding and painting or staining of the windows and unless you’re handy around the house you will need to pay a professional to do the work for you. If wood is the material, be sure to check for any significant damage from rot or termites. Those could be substantial problems that will need your immediate attention.

Newer windows are made of more resilient materials like vinyl and fiberglass, each of which will last longer and with fewer maintenance costs and better value for you as a home buyer.

Time to Replace?

Perhaps you’ve found the ideal home but the windows do need to be replaced. The good news is that you have a wealth of options that can fit any size home and budget. With so many materials, combinations, and security features to choose from, you’re bound to find the window you’re looking for.

If you find yourself shopping for windows on a new home or even the one in which you’re living now, give the experts at mr rogers windows a call to discuss all of the ways you can improve the look and feel of your home.

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